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Deck & Porch Waterproofing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Different ways to Waterproof a Deck or a Patio 

Although many people think that there is only one type of waterproofing foundation, Pittsburgh, PA for decks, this is not the case at all. There are a number of different types of materials that can be used to waterproof your decks. Some of these options include installing an underlayment underneath your existing decking to stop any water from leaking into the living space beneath it, sealing your plywood and other materials to prevent moisture from seeping into the surface of the decking, and sealing the seams of your deck tiles, as well as using a special epoxy mixture that is designed to adhere to the surface of your decking material. Regardless of which option you choose, sealing your outdoor decks is essential for long-term protection against water damage.

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    What are the different ways that you can Waterproof your Deck? 

    You have a variety of options for deck waterproofing to protect your deck materials against rain, sun, and other factors. The two most common types of coating are applied on the surface of your deck tiles and below the surface of the plywood. Below surface coatings are applied by applying a specially formulated coating to the surface of the plywood or wood that you have used to build your patio or deck.



    A common example of a deck coating is called Deflecto. This is a high-performance product that is designed to resist moisture from penetrating the surface of the wood. Deflection coating can be used on the surface of your deck tiles or plywood, as well as on the bottom of the foundation footer boards that are part of your framing system. If you have chosen a decking system with an unbroken frame, you can also use this coating to help prevent rainwater from penetrating the surface of the decking material.


    Rubber or Plastic Coating

    Both rubber and plastic coating types are available for applications around your pool, including both above the ground and below the surface of the deck tiles or wood. Rubber coatings help prevent grass seed from growing in shallow water edges, preventing potential root intrusion, and will eventually wear down over time if left in place. However, plastic deck coatings will deteriorate more quickly than rubber and will wash away easily if not thoroughly removed.



    One of the most popular choices for waterproofing decks is called scuppers. Scuppers are plastic pieces of infill that are added to the ends of the post and block foundations, preventing rainwater from reaching the interior of the structure. Although scuppers are designed to resemble full-size piers, they do not have ends that extend beyond the posts. This feature helps prevent water intrusion because any leaks will reach the ground beneath the structure, rather than penetrating the insulated surface. Like all waterproofing systems, scuppers require periodic maintenance to keep them effective.


    Polyurethane Sealants

    Other products designed for waterproof decks include polyurethane sealants. These sealants are applied to the surface of deck boards, under the tops of railings, and to the tops of piers and scuppers. Like many other types of waterproofing sealants, they will need to be periodically reapplied to maintain their effectiveness. These sealants are available in spray forms, which are applied to the boards using a can or bottle, or in liquid form, which can be sprayed from a can or bottle. Like all other waterproofing coatings, however, liquid versions will require a frequent application for maximum effect.

    All of the above waterproofing coatings are useful for preventing leaks on decks, but none are foolproof. In the case of small leaks, such as those caused by kids playing around or animals bathing or cleaning the pool, small adjustments to the design of the area will usually correct the problem. For larger leaks, such as those associated with stormwater runoff, it is important to repair the area surrounding the leak, in order to prevent further leaks from occurring. Even in cases where no leaks are present, waterproof coatings do offer an added layer of protection to prevent damage to decking materials. This can reduce the amount of time needed for repair and prevent further damage to the surrounding property.

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